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USA trip.

We are on our way to the US to visit the Rides-4-U, Inc team in Sommerville, NJ and later this week we'll also visit the battech Rides facilities in Salem, OR. Next week we'll visit Broadway at Myrtle Beach, SC to be present at the installation and cimmissioning of their new Lamberink RL33 skywheel an then we'll head south to...

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IISA Trade Show Gibsonton, FL. 2017

New Rides Europe will be attending the 2017 IISA Trade Show in Gibtown, FL. We represent: - KMG, who will have a new Inversion on display - Lamberink Ferris Wheels, who will have a brand new RL46 wheel at the Florida State Fair - Battech Rides, who will have a new Spider ride on display You can find us at the...

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New KMG ‘Afterburner’ for Three Bears Park in Russia.

Production of the new KMG 'Show Time' for the Three Bears Park in Samara, Russia comes to completion. This ride is a semi pak version pendulum ride with 24 seats which is also known as the KMG Afterburner or Fire Ball. This is the 2nd KMG Afterburner V2.0 being build. The first V2.0 Afterburner will be delivered to Sky Spectacle...

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RL46 wheel for Wade & Wood almost finished

The new Lamberink RL46 wheel for Wade & Wood is almost completed. The Dutch Ferris Wheel manufacturer Lamberink Reuzenradbouw BV has been working hard on this project in the last few months to get it ready to be shipped to the US for the upcoming Florida State Fair in February of 2017, where it make its debut. The owners, Mr....

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Battech Rides LLC

We are glad to announce that we added Battech Rides LLC to our list of new products. Battech is a US based manufacturer of rides like the Cliff Hanger and Zero Gravity. They recently re-engineered the popular Spider ride and 2 of these have already been sold. More information, specifications and pictures will follow a.s.a.p.

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IAAPA 2016 is coming!

The 2016 IAAPA show in Orlando is just around the corner. From November 15 till 18 exhibitors welcome you at the Orange County Convention Center from 10 am till 6 pm. Manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world will be exhibiting at this show to present you their services and products. We will be attending the show to represent...

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Used Rides Europe new App now available!

Used Rides Europe BV has developed a brand new App for iPhone, iPad and Android. The Used Rides app gives you access to an accurate database with used amusement rides that are currently for sale through the Used Rides Europe BV company. The app shows images, technical details, pricing and location of the equipment. There are links to Facebook, Twitter...

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IAAPA Trade Show Nov. 15 – 18, Orlando, FL. USA.

We will be attending the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Trade Show 2016 in Orlando, FL. We will represent KMG Europe BV and Reuzenrad Bouw Lamberink B.V. If you would like to set up a meeting concerning KMG rides or Lamberink Ferris wheels please contact Mr. Peter Theunisz (Tel. +31-655795792 / The show will be open from November 15 - 18.

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EAS 2016 Barcelona

New Rides Europe and Used Rides Europe BV attended this year's EAS show in Barcelona, which was held from September 20th. to 22nd. The 2016 edition was the biggest show since IAAPA/EAS started organizing this event. Many visitors from Europe and abroad brought a visit to this show and found their ways to the exhibitors. We have experienced a lot of...

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New X-Factory for West Coast Skyways.

Yesterday a brand new KMG 'X-Factory' has arrived at the Baltimore, MD port. The ride was ordered by West Coast Skyways, Mr. Mike Demas. This is the 3rd X-Factory ride that was delivered to the US. The other 2 rides are located at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the transportable version was delivered to Drew's Exposition. The X-Factory for...

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Special deal Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel

Lamberink BV has built a showcase for a RL33 (33 meter Ferris wheel) to advertise the quality products that they build. This particular RL33 was delivered in June of this year and was operated by Lamberink's son Sebastian Lamberink, who attended several events, festivals and fairs with this wheel. This Ferris wheel has full options, executive LED lighting, comfort pay...

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New KMG ‘XXL’ making progress.

The new KMG 'XXL' ride named 'The Beast' for F.J.F. Amusements (Jamie Pickett) is coming together. The giant swing ride stands out due to a very nice theming. The scenery and decoration panels are painted with a jungle style artwork. Once the ride is fully set up and you hop in your seat you will have the impression that you...

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New Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel delivered to PGAM.

This week Powers Great American Midways took delivery of their brand new Dutch Lamberink RL33 (33 mtr./108 ft.) Ferris Wheel. The ride was delivered and installed at the PGAM winter quarters where the crew got trained by Jan Lamberink and Robby Tucker (Ride Lynx LLC red.) how to set up and operate their new wheel. This Lamberink RL33 wheel is...

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KMG ‘Inversion-24’ progress.

This week the software programming tests were done and final safety checks were made for the KMG 'Inversion-24' named 'Infinity' for Mr. Hoefnagels in The Netherlands. Hopefully the first test runs can be initiated by the end of next week. The 'Infinity' looks awesome and huge!      

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New KMG ‘XXL’ under construction

Currently KMG is building a brand new XXL for F.J.F. Amusements, Mr. Jamie Pickett, from Australia. This ride will be the first XXL for Australia. It is due for delivery end of July of this year.  

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KMG Inversion-24 set up

We just wanted to give our followers an update on the set up of the Inversion-24. The crane was used as a safety but wasn't really needed. The ride erected all by itself. This week software will be programmed and tested. The first test runs are scheduled within 1 or 2 weeks.      

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New Lamberink Wheel delivered to RCS (USA).

On April 15 the Lamberink team and Ride Lynx, Robby Tucker, delivered a brand new RL33 (108 ft.) Ferris Wheel to Ray Cammack Shows (RCS). The wheel was shipped in containers to Houston, TX last month and installed at its premier show in Tucson, AZ. Lamberink installed the LED lights in the gondola hoods and Maxtron provided the LED lighting...

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Progress KMG “Inversion-24” 65 meter.

The construction of KMG's latest novelty, the "Inversion-24" (65 meters / 213 ft.), is making great progress. The ride is due for delivery in May and the Hoefnagels family from The Netherlands will take the ride to Germany in June for its debut show. The ride is named "Infinity" and it's constructed on 4 semi-trailers, has 3 arms which hold 8...

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We ship rides safely.

Last month we visited the Amsterdam port to see one of our rides getting loaded on a Höegh Autoliner vessel. The ride was shipped to Jacksonville, FL in the United States. Mr. Hischam Mekhchane, sales manager of B&B Expeditie BV (B&B Shipping) showed us the facilities and depot where all the equipment gets prepared for shipping or stored till further transportation...

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Ottaway Amusements soon takes delivery of a new KMG ‘Freak Out’.

Danny Ottaway, Ottaway Amusements from Derby, Kansas, USA will soon take delivery of his brand new KMG 'Freak Out' ride. This will be the 22nd Freak Out for the US and KMG's 53rd Freak Out in total. The ride will get shipped by the end of next week and arrive in the first week of May.

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