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A new Lamberink wheel design

New design: Dutch Ferris wheel manufacturer Lamberink has released the first drawings for a new RL22 (22 meter / 72 ft.) Ferris wheel on just one semi-trailer. The set up of this wheel will be very easy and finished in approx. 5 hours. Special offer: The Lamberink company has come up with a very special IAAPA Expo package deal. The special...

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KMG presents Surf Ride at IAAPA

KMG presents: Surf Ride Two Surf Rides have already been delivered. The "X-Force" plays in Germany and the "Wipe Out" will make its debut at Winter Wonderland, London. We take orders for late 2019 and early 2020. Come and visit us in booth #4859 and see for yourself! The IAAPA Expo opens from Nov. 13 - 16.

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EAS Attraction Show 2018

The European Attraction Show 2017 will be held in Amsterdam from September 25 till 27. New Rides Europe will be attending this trade show to represent KMG Europe BV, Battech Rides and Lamberink Ferris Wheels. The show is open from 10:00 - 18:00 hrs. on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the show will be open from 10:00 - 16:00 hrs....

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KMG presents “Surf Ride” worldwide!

Just a little over a year ago, May 3rd. 2017 to be exact, we released the news about a new KMG ride design on one semi-trailer. A lot has happened in the past 12 months and KMG has sold already 2 of these new rides! The first ”Surf Ride”, as what it’s factory model name is, will make its debut...

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KMG reveals new “Move It-32” design concept!

It is 22 years since KMG built the one and only Move It-32 ride. This ride was, and still is, immensely popular when it made its debut at the fair in Best in 1996. The design, techniques and clever engineering made the ride very unique in its kind. The ride cycle experience, the action and the easy way of setting...

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KMG ‘Black Out’ ready for Larry & Kim Sankowsky

US based carnival company Armco Inc. from Kingsland, TX, owned by Larry & Kim Sankoswky, ordered a new KMG 'Inversion' ride for the 2018 season. The manufacturing was completed early May and the ride should hit the Galveston, TX port any day now. The ride will immediately be transported to Long Beach, CA to get shipped to Hawaii where it...

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New Lamberink wheel for Parko Paliatso, Cyprus.

The last few months Ferris wheel manufacturer Lamberink has been extremely busy building 2 of the most favourite Ferris wheel models. A RL46 (46 meters / 151 ft) wheel was built and delivered for Mr. William H. Prescott. This wheel was set up at the Broadway at the Beach shopping center in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, and a RL33 (33...

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Privacy Policy Statement according GDPR / AVR rules.

Dear website visitor, We would like to notify you about the new European GDPR / AVR rules for privacy and use of information. Please read our 'Privacy Policy Statement' in the link below. We thank you for your attention.                                          ...

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KMG, van exploitant tot attractie-bouwer.

Een mooi artikel over de oorsprong van attractie-fabrikant KMG, de historie, de filosofie en het vakmanschap. Het artikel wordt vooraf gegaan door de aankondiging van een nieuwe KMG attractie genaamd "Freak Out" voor pretpark Drouwenerzand......................................

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50th IISF Trade Show Extravaganza

New Rides Europe will be exhibiting at the Outdoor Space of the Showmen's Club. This year the IISF Trade Show will celebrate it's 50th anniversary! The trade show is very well known among the North American, Canadian, Central-and South American carnival owners. In the last few years the trade show has also drawn some attention and interest from European showman...

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New Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel for Talley Amusements

The delivery of a brand new 33 meter (108 ft.) tall Reuzenrad Bouw Lamberink B.V. Ferris wheel for Talley Amusements ( is completed. This wheel is equipped with the latest LED technology on spokes, rim, towers and gondolas. The wheel comes with a sound system, luxurious operator booth and a backdrop scenery with special theming. The wheel will make its premier...

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IAAPA Show 2017 in Orlando

The 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo will be held from Nov. 14 - 17 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. - KMG will have it's own booth (#5811) set up to welcome you! KMG will present the latest development, the "Surf Ride" at this show, of which the first 3 rides have already been ordered for 2018 and...

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EAS Attraction Show 2017

The European Attraction Show 2017 will be held in Berlin from September 26 till 28. New Rides Europe will be attending this trade show to represent KMG Europe BV, Battech Rides and Lamberink Ferris Wheels. The show is open from 10:00 - 18:00 hrs. on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the show will be open from 10:00 - 16:00 hrs....

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KMG statement and bulletin

To whom it may concern, We feel it is our duty to inform our customers, ride owners, amusement industry and riders about the fatal accident with a KMG Afterburner (Fire Balll) at the Ohio State Fair on July 26, 2017. First of all our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost a loved one and those who...

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Hanstein’s new “Lounge 360°” Ferris wheel.

Last week Tuesday the Lamberink RL33 Ferris wheel was tested and approved by TüV Süd Germany. Mr. Sascha Hanstein took the wheel, which is named Lounge 360°, down right after the inspection was done and set the wheel up at the Southside Festival in Neuhausen ob Eck (Germany) the next day where it made its premiere. The scenery and decorations...

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TüV Süd type certification for Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel.

We are proud to announce that the Lamberink RL33 (33 meter / 24 gondolas) Ferris Wheel is now available with a German TüV Süd certification and 'Baubuch'. After several months of hard work designing, calculating and constructing the RL33 wheel Reuzenradbouw Lamberink BV acquired the official TüV Süd ride type certification. The first wheel with TüV Süd approval will be...

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Visit the 2017 ALAARA Convention.

From Monday May 15 through Thursday May 18 we will be attending the 2017 ALAARA Convention in Gold Coast, Australia. We are looking forward to meet you all down under! See you there, Peter Theunisz  

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New KMG ride model!

It has been a while since we posted our last blog but this time we really have some great news. KMG announced that they have designed a new 16 person capacity ride on one semi-trailer. The new ride will be available in the summer of 2018 and it will be priced less than a KMG X-Factory. KMG claims that the...

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Lamberink wheel delivered to ‘Broadway at the Beach’ shopping center.

March 10th 2017 a delivery of a new Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel took place at the ’Broadway at the Beach’ shopping center in Myrtle Beach, SC. The wheel was installed on site by the Lamberink company, represented by Mr. Sebastian Lamberink and Mr. Frank Melissen. In the past 1 to 1,5 years we’ve been working together with Mr. Bill Prescott on a...

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