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CMC living trailers are custom built

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New equipment CMC living trailers are custom built ()

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The CMC trailer manufacturer builds mobile homes to the customers wishes and demands. From single slide out to double storey slides and from semi-trailer to articulate (tow-bar) trailer. Interior designers go through a list of options with the customer in order to make sure the customer gets the kitchen, bedroom, living-room and bathroom he wants.

The customer can choose the luxury level he/she wants and all the colours and furniture of his/her choice. He can choose his own airconditioning (multiple zones), floor-heating, wood or marble floors, open or closed kitchen, kitchen equipment, materials, television, media systems, blinded windows, all season insulation, electric slides, belly boxes, battery back up system, outside colours and so on.

You only have to take your clothes and then you’re on your way!

*All trailers meet the European and American standards and regulations.

For example you can choose to have wooden or marble flooring. Together with the CMC interior designer you can choose the matching materials for the kitchen, walls, tiles, lighting, curtains and so on.
The interior designer will make a rendering of what you have chosen so you can get the best impression of how your interior will look like. The designer will also advice you in what kind of equipment you could have installed.


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