Lamberink’s revolutionary “Skygate” Ferris Wheel

Revolutionary Design

Today (Wed. Jan. 30th.) the Lamberink Ferris wheel manufacturer revealed their revolutionary new transportable Ferris wheel design called “Skygate”. The “Skygate” wheel stands 38 meter tall and has NO spokes!
The “Skygate” stands on the outer rings and will be propelled by 8 motors. The wheel weighs 63 Metric Tons and requires no ballast. There are 36 gondolas which give each rider a 360 degree free view.
Can you imagine the view of this wheel on a dark, bright evening with just lights on the outer ring! It will be awesome! Its a unique design and will stand out on any location.

Design and development

The wheel is a special in-house design, developed and designed according to the latest safety regulations, in cooperation with KCI Engineers BV, Kroeze Constructie BV and Lamberink Ferris Wheels. The “Skygate” is a result of shared know-how and experience of these 3 partners. The “Skygate” requires a small footprint which makes it very suitable as a magnificent landmark in city centers, at shopping malls, midways or any other possible location. Installation and assembly will be done at ground level and a crane is NOT required to set it up.
The first transportable “Skygate” wheel is planned to be delivered end of the 2019 season.

Transportable or Park version

The “Skygate” wheel will be available both as transportable or park (stationary) version in different sizes. Sizes will vary from 38, 48 to 48 meters. The wheel can be equipped with a stunning LED lighting package and all sorts of decorations.

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