New KMG ride model!

It has been a while since we posted our last blog but this time we really have some great news. KMG announced that they have designed a new 16 person capacity ride on one semi-trailer. The new ride will be available in the summer of 2018 and it will be priced less than a KMG X-Factory. KMG claims that the ride can be set up in only 20 minutes. The ride will have a LED (RGB) lighting package as default, runs on 400 V / 125 Amps and the overall weight will be approx. 20.000 kg.

Like any other KMG ride this new ride will be very easy to move, set up and handle. It only takes 2 persons to set it up and to operate it.

The description is as follows: 2 vertical towers, with each a revolving arm. The 2 arms hold a platform. On the platform there are 2 rotating (spinning) gondolas that carry 8 passengers each. The arms and gondolas rotate with a variable speed (RPM). The platform, and thus the gondolas, always stay up right. The ride is designed for riders from approx. 48 inches. The ride has a small footprint of 14,4 x 8,8 mtrs. (47.2 x 28.9 ft.).

As soon as a design drawing is available we will upload it to this webpage.
For more information please contact Peter Theunisz (+31-655-795-792).

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