Lamberink wheel delivered to ‘Broadway at the Beach’ shopping center.

March 10th 2017 a delivery of a new Lamberink RL33 Ferris Wheel took place at the ’Broadway at the Beach’ shopping center in Myrtle Beach, SC. The wheel was installed on site by the Lamberink company, represented by Mr. Sebastian Lamberink and Mr. Frank Melissen.

In the past 1 to 1,5 years we’ve been working together with Mr. Bill Prescott on a new Ferris Wheel project for the Broadway at the Beach shopping center. Between the parking lot and the shopping center there are 2 locations with several family rides like a big slide, Speed, , Cliffhanger, Wave Swinger, Streetfighter and some kiddy Carousels.

The shopping center was missing a tall family ride such as a nice tall Ferris Wheel. There is already a big wheel near the beach but the other side of the city failed to have such a landmark ride.

Bill Prescott and Peter Theunisz started investigating the possibilities worked together on this particular project and came to the conclusion that a Lamberink RL46 (46 meters / 151 ft.) would be the best choice for this location. Due to Lamberink’s success wheels and other wheel sales the manufacturer wasn’t able to deliver this big 151 ft. tall wheel till November of 2017 (ex-factory). Due to that late delivery they decided to fill the spot with a new RL33 (33 meters / 108 ft.) first, which was available immediately, so there would be no loss of revenue this season. On March 10th the new Lamberink RL33 was installed at ’Broadway at the Beach’ in Myrtle Beach, SC. and after inspection being set open to public on March 17.

The Lamberink RL33 wheel will be replaced by the new Lamberink RL46 wheel early next year and the RL33 will be re-located on a new location. So next year Broadway at the Beach will have the big wheel with closed gondolas, LED lighting, stainless steel fencing, state of the art computerised loading and operating system standing next to the shopping center to give riders a great view over the area, Myrtle Beach and it’s shoreline.

The shopping center will also get a brand new KMG ’XXL’ pendulum ride for next season. This will be a park version of the popular KMG swing ride with 20 persons capacity. The ride will be spectacular and give riders the opportunity to either face outwards or inwards while swinging over the shopping center at a staggering height of 147 ft. above the ground. This XXL ride will replace the smaller Streetfighter ride that’s now sitting next to the shopping center till end of this season.
The Lamberink RL33 now open to public at the shopping center in Mytle Beach, SC.
RL33-7 RL33-2 Lamberink reuzenrad


A similar Lamberink RL46 wheel (151 ft.) which was delivered to the US earlier this year.


A similar KMG ‘XXL’ pendulum ride which was delivered to Canada 2 years ago.

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