KMG “Surf Ride” for the US

First KMG “Surf Ride” for US carnival Otterbacher Enterprises

Just a few weeks ago Mr. Jim Otterbacher of Otterbacher Enterprises ordered a new “Surf Ride” to add to his show. The ride will be delivered in August this year (ex factory) and will be the first ride of this type for the US. Otterbacher was very interested since the launch of the this new ride and finally pulled the trigger, so to speak.

Season 2019/2020

Mr. Otterbacher plans on having the first US “Surf Ride” booked for the 2019/2020 season at his standard route. He’ll also book it with carnivals as an independent showman. The “Surf Ride” is extremely easy to set up and operate within 45 minutes. On the midway this ride will excel in entertaining youngsters and families by giving them a nice thrill ride experience.

The new family ride standard

KMG sold 5 “Surf Rides” to amusement companies in Europe, Australia and now also the US, since its introduction in November. The industry had been waiting and looking for a new family style ride to fill in a gap on the midways. Kiddy rides from Italy and Czech Republic flooded the market in the last few years. Ride owners, showman and amusement businesses had wait till KMG had their first new family ride finished and ready for production. Now KMG listened to its customers and felt it was the right time to bring the “Surf Ride” on the market last summer. The Surf Ride might be your next blockbuster!

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