KMG presents “Surf Ride” worldwide!

Just a little over a year ago, May 3rd. 2017 to be exact, we released the news about a new KMG ride design on one semi-trailer. A lot has happened in the past 12 months and KMG has sold already 2 of these new rides!

The first ”Surf Ride”, as what it’s factory model name is, will make its debut in Germany under showman Mr. Mike Klinge. The ride will make its first test runs under supervision of the German TüV inspectors mid July. End of the second week of August the ride will be delivered and commissioned to the owner. The first Surf Ride will get a super hero theme and is named X-Force.
The second Surf Ride is sold to Australian showman Mr. Broderick Pavier. This ride is named Wipe Out and will have a surf theme. The Wipe Out will be ready for delivery in October this year and it will make its debut at the Winter Wonderland Fair at Hide Park, London. After the Christmas event the ride will be shipped to the owner in Australia to be added to the owner’s carnival, which already contains a KMG Speed, Inversion, Discovery and Freak Out.

Showmen and parks have shown serious interest worldwide in the Surf Ride because this ride is appealing to a wide range of riders. Kids (from 1,30 meter / 4.3 ft) and older riders such as parents or grandparents will enjoy this ride to the max!
The ride doesn’t make any loopings and has a riders friendly lapbar system. The motions are controlled by a pre-programmed automatic system so riders will get the most pleasant ride possible.

The Surf Ride is constructed on one semi-trailer and can be set up in approx. 30 minutes by 2 persons. Once the platform is lowered the counterweights can be lifted and the ride is ready to be used.
Between the two rotating sweeps the main center platform holds 2 gondolas of 8 persons each, which can spin clockwise and counterclockwise while the platform is in motion.The gondolas always stay up right. Once the sweeps start rotating a nice kind of swinging motion will occur. When the gondolas start to spin slowly, while the sweeps are rotating, riders will experience the well-known nice feeling in the belly.
When teenagers and youngsters want a more active and spinning action the operator can speed up each motion separately. KMG can provide 3 different pre-programmed ride cycles according the buyer’s preferences.

Below you’ll see the drawings that visualise the design of the ride. The Surf Ride can be ordered either with a scenery (backdrop) or exit platform at the backside of the ride.

KMG believes the Surf Ride is a new style family ride that will be a great new addition to your midway, carnival or family park. The Surf Ride is a ride which has never been built or designed before. It is a complete new ride that your customers and visitors will certainly like!

Another important and positive aspect is the fact that a Surf Ride is less priced than a comparable KMG ride on one semi-trailer with the same capacity! The next available delivery slot is mid 2019.

Interested buyers are more than welcome to see the first Surf Ride at the factory early July. You can make an appointment with sales agent Mr. Peter Theunisz (tel. +31-655-795-792 / email to see the ride in operation for yourself!

Make sure you go see the Surf Ride and become one of the proud owners of this new KMG ride!

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