IAAPA Expo 2018 wrap up

The new year kicked off 2 weeks ago and so we thought it’s about time to write our first blog of the year. The blog contains the IAAPA Expo 2018 wrap up and news for the manufacturers we represent. The IAAPA Expo was held in November last year and had a great attendance. Below you can read the results of the 2018 expo for both KMG and Lamberink.

KMG news…

The 2018 IAAPA Expo was a very good edition for KMG. Current customers looked us up to talk about whatever related rides business was on their mind.
Off course many customers visited the KMG booth to obtain all the available information regarding the brand new Surf Ride which was unveiled just a few months before the expo. Some good and nice conversations and an interesting ‘show discount’ led to a sale of the first Surf Ride for the US to Mr. Jim Otterbacher of Otterbacher Enterprises. This ride will land in Jacksonville, FL in September this year.
Another deal was made with Paradise Amusements, Mr. Michael Parks, also a US based company. He signed up for a brand new Speed ride for July this year.

Lamberink news…

Lamberink Wheels sold the first RL22 Ferris wheel on one semi-trailerĀ  (22 meter / 73 ft.) to Drew’s Expositions, Mr. Jim Drew. The wheel will be delivered in September of this year.
In our previous blog we explained all the details of this wheel and it is obvious that this wheel is very suitable for the US market.

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