Giant KMG “Speed” unveiled.

Original Speed

Since 2004 KMG has built 49 booster type rides, which are 36 meters / 118 ft. tall, hold 8 passengers and are constructed on one-semi-trailer. The success of this ride is due to the easy set up system and low overhead costs. In the last few years there is a demand for bigger, larger and higher capacity rides and so KMG decided to develop a Speed that meets those requirements.

Giant Speed

KMG recently released the first images of their plans for a 65 meter / 213 ft. Speed ride. This gigantic Speed will hold 32 passengers and moves on 4 semi-trailers. The sweeps/arm will get a 16 person gondola on each side and the gondolas will rotate freely. The Speed-32 will have a backdrop, LED (RGB) lighting package, TüV approval, Hofman Sound System, a touchscreen control unit and much more.


The prototype of this ride was ordered by Dutch showman Mr. Willy Ordelman. The Ordelman family is well-known in the European amusement industry as this family was one of the first entrepreneurs who introduced the Break Dance, Booster Maxx,and Super Bowl and so on in Europe. Mr. Willy Ordelman will get his Speed-32, as KMG calls the project, early July of 2020.

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