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Cooperation with Lamberink ended.

As most of our customers probably already know, we decided to end the cooperation with Lamberink Ferris Wheels just little over a month ago.
New Rides Europe represented Lamberink for about 5 years and worked with them on multiple great projects for themeparks, independent showmen and carnivals. It has been a great experience and both companies achieved new goals and built new business relationships. Lamberink and New Rides Europe separated in a friendly manner, but time has come for us to move on. We will continue to sell and provide Ferris wheels, but from a new supplier.
Our final project for Lamberink will be the RL22 wheel for Drew’s Expositions (Jim Drew). His wheel is on the water as we speak and it’ll arrive in Savannah, GA approx. November 22nd.

New KMG Ferris Wheels.

In KMG we found a great new supplier for new and unique transportable Ferris wheels. KMG is an established rides manufacturer and built over 300 rides in the last 30 years. Worldwide this company is known for its service, quality products and after sales. That’s why it was an easy choice for New Rides Europe to start promoting and selling their wheels. KMG already had new Ferris wheel ideas and designs on the shelf which were waiting to be developed.
The new wheel designs are very unique and innovative because the patented spokes and masts make the KMG wheels so easy to move. That’s what KMG is known for and that’s why we strongly believe that KMG has developed a great new Ferris wheel concept that will fill a gap in the market for transportable Ferris wheels.

Product range.

The new KMG Ferris wheels come in 3 different sizes such as 31 mtrs (106 ft / 2 semi-trailers), 46 mtrs (151 ft / 7 semi-trailers) and 70 mtrs (230 ft / 11 semi-trailers). Each wheel can be set up without the use of a crane!
Currently we are working on the first 70 meter wheel which will be ready early 2022.


Themeparks, carnivals, showmen or investors who are interested in new KMG Ferris wheels can contact us (T: +31-655-795-792 / E: info@newrideseurope.com) for information, details, offers or any other questions anytime.
It is time to move on and set goals for the future that lays ahead. New Rides Europe hopes Covid-19 will soon be controlled so we can ”Make your world go round!” again.
We stand in this together and we support our customers who are experiencing hard times!

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