About us

Who we are:
We are your partner for a new KMG amusement ride, Concept 1900 carousel or CMC living trailer.
Mr. Peter Theunisz, also owner of Used Rides Europe BV, is a respected partner for all kinds of carnival- and themepark equipment since 2007, when he started as the senior sales manager for KMG Europe BV.

What we do:
Together with our customers and investors we go look for what could be their new KMG amusement ride. We do financial project planning, do quotes and calculations for our customers and advise them about possible financial solutions.
Besides mediation for new amusement rides we also advise in theming, color schemes, lighting and anything else that comes with the purchase of a brand new ride. We also arrange the transportation, shipping, insurance and first set up on site if required.
We do not charge our customers for our work and advise. You will buy straight from the manufacturer.

New rides:
– We make offers for any new KMG ride such as the Afterburner (Fire Ball), Freak Out,
Speed, XXL, Discovery and so on.
– We make offers for any new Concept-1900 carousel.
– We make offers for brand new CMC Caravans and living trailer.

Used rides:
For used amusement rides please visit Used Rides Europe.

New Rides Europe has a network of financing companies and foreign exchange agencies in Germany, UK and the US. This way we can advise you how to apply for financing or to lock in an exchange rate for a foreign currency.

We recommend OA Finance for US based buyers and AC Finance or Contor Leasing for European based buyers. Feel free to contact us for additional information about financing and currency exchange.

All these services make it possible that we can provide you every possible service that you require from A to Z..!


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